Honor of Kings Roamer Tier List

Honor of Kings Roamer Tier ListHonor of Kings Roamer Tier List is critical for MOBA online game. the role of roamer is maintaining map control, assisting teammates, and disrupting opponent strategies. A well-chosen roamer can swing the tide of combat by controlling crowds, initiating conflicts, and giving strategic vision. The tier list below categorizes roamers from S to D, outlining their skills and impact on the game. Understanding these tiers can help players choose the best roamers for their team compositions and strategy.

HoK S Tier Roamer

HoK S Tier Roamer

Choosing Honor of Kings Roamer Tier List can have a big impact on the result of a game in Honor of Kings. S Tier roamers such as Lian Po, Mozi, Sun Bin, and Yaria are known for their outstanding abilities to control the battlefield and serve their team. These heroes combine crowd control, usefulness, and survivability, making them great assets in any match.

Lian Po

  • Lian Po excels in crowd control and tanking damage, making him a formidable presence in team fights. His abilities allow him to initiate battles and protect his teammates, providing both offensive and defensive utility. Lian Po’s resilience and control abilities make him a top-tier choice for any team composition.


  • Mozi brings exceptional utility with his zoning and control abilities. He can disrupt enemy formations and create advantageous scenarios for his team. Mozi’s skills in crowd control and area denial make him an invaluable asset in both early and late-game situations, ensuring his team’s strategic advantage.

Sun Bin

  • Sun Bin offers excellent support with his healing and speed-boosting abilities. His skills enhance team mobility and sustain, allowing for more dynamic and prolonged engagements. Sun Bin’s ultimate can turn the tide of battles, making him a crucial pick for sustaining team fights and enabling aggressive plays.


  • Yaria excels in providing vision and map control. Her abilities allow her to scout and secure key areas, giving her team critical information and strategic advantages. Yaria’s mobility and utility make her a versatile roamer, capable of influencing the game across multiple fronts and ensuring her team’s dominance.

HoK A Tier RoamerHoK A Tier Roamer

In online game MOBA, the A Tier roamers like Donghuang, Ata, Voidcaller, and Zhang Fei deliver dependable performance while also providing good crowd management and utility. While they may not have the same impact as Honor of kings S Tier heroes, their skills and versatility make them viable options in a variety of situations, contributing considerably to team success.


  • Ata brings a mix of mobility and crowd control to the team. His skills allow him to engage and disengage effectively, making him versatile in various situations. Ata’s ability to disrupt enemies and create opportunities for his team makes him a strong A Tier roamer.


  • Voidcaller provides excellent support with his control and utility skills. He can manipulate the battlefield and create advantageous scenarios for his team. Voidcaller’s versatility in both offensive and defensive roles makes him a key player in maintaining team cohesion.

    Zhang Fei

    • Zhang Fei is known for his defensive capabilities and crowd control. His skills can protect his teammates and disrupt enemy attacks, making him a crucial part of any team composition. Zhang Fei’s ability to absorb damage and control the battlefield makes him a reliable choice for roaming.

    HoK B Tier RoamerHonor of Kings Roamer Tier List

    B Tier roamers like Dun, Kui, and Da Qiao bring solid support and control to the table, though they may struggle to match the effectiveness of higher-tier heroes. Their abilities can still be pivotal in the right team compositions, offering reliable contributions in specific situations despite their limitations.


    • Dun provides solid crowd control and durability but lacks the mobility and utility of higher-tier roamers. His abilities are useful for initiating fights and protecting teammates, yet he can struggle against more versatile and mobile heroes. Despite his limitations, Dun can still be effective in the right team composition, offering reliable control and frontline presence.


    • Kui is a versatile roamer with decent crowd control and initiation capabilities. However, his overall impact is limited compared to higher-tier roamers due to his lower damage output and sustain. Kui can contribute significantly in team fights with proper positioning and coordination, making him a valuable pick in certain situations.

    Da Qiao

    • Da Qiao excels in providing utility and support to her team with her unique teleportation abilities. However, her lack of direct combat prowess and reliance on team coordination can limit her effectiveness. Da Qiao is best utilized in strategies that require high mobility and strategic positioning, where she can maximize her utility and support capabilities.

    HoK C Tier RoamerHoK C Tier Roamer

    C Tier roamers, such as Liang and Doria, provide basic utility and crowd management but frequently fall short in impact and adaptability. These heroes can be beneficial in specialized strategies, but they lack the effectiveness needed to dominate matches, making them less appealing options.


    • Liang provides basic crowd control and some utility, but he lacks the impact and versatility of higher-tier roamers. His abilities are often insufficient to turn the tide of battle, and he can struggle against more dominant heroes. Despite this, Liang can still be useful in specific team compositions that can leverage his unique skills.


    • Doria offers limited support and crowd control compared to other roamers. Her skill set lacks the punch needed to make a significant difference in fights. However, with good coordination and the right strategy, Doria can still contribute to her team’s success, particularly in scenarios that require her specific abilities.

    HoK D Tier RoamerHoK D Tier Roamer

    Roamers in the D Tier, including Guiguzi and Xiang Yu, have little utility and survivability. Their powers are typically insufficient to meaningfully influence game outcomes, and they struggle to compete with more versatile and influential roamers, putting them at a disadvantage in the majority of cases.


    • Guiguzi has some utility and control capabilities but is generally underwhelming in terms of damage and survivability. His skills can assist in minor disruptions, but he rarely makes a substantial impact in team fights. Guiguzi is best used in very specific strategies where his unique abilities can be leveraged, though even then, his overall effectiveness remains limited.

    Xiang Yu

    • Xiang Yu, while durable, lacks the mobility and effective crowd control of higher-tier roamers. His primary strength lies in absorbing damage, but without significant contributions to damage or control, he often falls short in influencing the outcome of fights. Xiang Yu’s utility is minimal compared to more impactful roamers, placing him in the lower tier.

    Roamers with their endurance and CC skills are very strong in team fights, but Roamers usually don’t have enough damage to eliminate opponents. Therefore, roamers will stay close with Honor of Kings Farm Lane Tier List who has great damage and a wide attack range. This combo really works with Roamer as a fortress to withstand all incoming damage, and MM will be free to deal damage to the opponent.


    In Honor of Kings, Honor of Kings Roamer Tier List can have a big impact on your team’s performance and overall success. The tier list emphasizes each roamer’s different strengths and skills, ranging from great S Tier heroes like Lian Po and Mozi to less effective D Tier options like Guiguzi and Xiang Yu. Understanding the subtleties of each tier allows players to make more educated selections, ensuring that their team benefits from the best support, crowd control, and strategic advantages provided by these heroes. By learning the Honor of Kings roamer tier list that are best suited to their playstyle and team composition, players may improve their gameplay, maintain map dominance, and win this highly competitive online game.