The First Descendant PS5 Release Date

The First Descendant PS5 Release Date on July 2, 2024.The First Descendant PS5 Release Date on July 2, 2024. This release date represents the game’s global availability on several platforms, including PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The First Descendant is gaining popularity as an innovative online game. Released in 2024, this free-to-play sci-fi looter shooter combines intense cooperative gameplay with unique character abilities. The game has generated a lot of buzz with its last beta tests and dramatic trailers, promising an exciting experience for genre lovers.​

The First Descendant PC Release Date

Besides that The First Descendant PS5 Release Date on July 2, 2024.The first descendent was also available on PC on July 2, 2024. The First Descendant combines science fiction and fantasy to provide a cooperative gameplay experience for up to four players. Set in the painstakingly constructed world of Ingris, players assume the roles of Descendants, warriors tasked with safeguarding humanity from alien dangers. Following its last beta tests and graphically stunning trailers, the game has generated a lot of talk, raising expectations among fans and critics.

The First Descendant Open Beta End Date

The open beta for Nexon’s highly anticipated sci-fi looter shooter, “The First Descendant,” ended on May 26, 2024. This beta phase gave players an early look at the game’s dynamic combination of science fiction and fantasy themes, as well as cooperative action for up to four people. Set in the detailed world of Ingris, players took on the roles of Descendants, warriors defending humanity against alien dangers. The beta phase allowed the developers to collect critical feedback and make essential changes prior to the official release.


The First Descendant Pre OrderThe First Descendant Pre Order

Pre-ordering The First Descendant is a smart move for gamers eager to dive into this highly anticipated action RPG. By pre-ordering, you’ll secure exclusive in-game bonuses, such as unique weapons, character skins, and other special items, enhancing your gameplay experience from day one. Additionally, pre-orders often grant early access, allowing you to start playing before the official release date. To pre-order, visit the official website or trusted digital marketplaces like Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. Don’t miss out on these exciting perks and ensure you’re fully prepared to explore the captivating world of “The First Descendant.”

How to Pre-order The First Descendant

Steps to Pre-order

  1. Choose Your Platform:
    • Decide whether you want to play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or another supported platform.
  2. Select Edition:
    • Choose the edition that best fits your interests and budget. Consider whether the bonuses and additional content are worth the extra cost.
  3. Complete the Purchase:
    • Follow the purchase process on your chosen platform or retailer. Make sure to double-check all information before completing the transaction.
  4. Stay Updated:
    • After pre-ordering, keep an eye on your email for any updates regarding your order, including release dates, early access details, and any potential changes.

Be sure to check the official website before The First Descendant PS5 Release Date on July 2, 2024. and trusted retailers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on pre-order options and bonuses.

The First Descendant PC requirements

The First Descendant is a highly anticipated action RPG, and ensuring that your PC fulfills the required specifications is critical to a pleasant gaming experience. To run The First Descendant, your computer needs at least:

The First Descendant Minimum PC Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600.
  • These processors give a strong baseline for performance, allowing the game to run at a playable frame rate with little lag or stuttering.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • This amount of RAM is required to handle both the game’s fundamental operations and background duties simultaneously.
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 560
  • These graphics cards can render the game’s visuals at lower settings, resulting in smooth gameplay.
  • Storage: 50GB available space.
  • This space is required for the game’s installation as well as any subsequent updates or fixes.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or later.
  • The game is optimized for Windows 10, which includes the essential drivers and software components to operate it.

Recommended Requirements for The First Descendant:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.
  • These higher-end processors provide excellent performance, allowing the game to run at higher settings and with faster frame rates.
  • Memory (RAM): 16GB.
  • More RAM leads to smoother performance, especially when running the game with other applications.
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 590
  • These graphics cards have enhanced rendering capabilities, allowing the game to be played at higher resolutions and settings for better visual quality.
  • Storage: 50GB available space.
  • Sufficient storage for installation and updates.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or later.
  • Ensures compatibility and best performance with the most recent software upgrades and drivers.

How big is the First Descendant file?

The file size of The First Descendant varies based on the platform and any updates or patches that have been issued. Typically, online games with high-quality graphics and extensive material, such as this one, have an initial download size of 30 to 50 GB. For the most up-to-date and accurate file size information, visit the official The First Descendant game platform or store page like Steam.

The First Descendant GameplayThe First Descendant Gameplay


The First Descendant”is an action-packed third-person shooter game that transports players to a visually magnificent environment. Players take on the role of the Descendants, elite warriors tasked with defending humanity from intruders threatening their civilization. Featuring fast-paced combat, customisable characters, and a variety of distinctive weapons, The First Descendant provides an exciting gaming experience. Explore a variety of locales, participate in cooperative multiplayer quests, and learn about the rich lore of this enormous online game. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or new to the genre, The First Descendant guarantees never-ending thrill and strategic gameplay.

Characters in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Character


The First Descendant contains a broad cast of characters, each with their own powers and backstories. Here are some of the main characters:

  • Ajax – A frontline warrior known for his incredible strength and resilience. Ajax excels in close-quarters combat and can withstand significant damage, making him a vital asset in any battle.
  • Viessa – A sharpshooter with unparalleled accuracy, Viessa specializes in long-range attacks. Her skills allow her to take down enemies from a distance, providing crucial support to her team.
  • Lepic – A versatile combatant equipped with advanced technology. Lepic’s gadgets and tactical prowess enable him to adapt to various combat situations, whether it’s offense or defense.
  • Jayber – A tech-savvy engineer who excels in creating and deploying mechanical constructs. Jayber’s inventions can turn the tide of battle, offering both offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Bunny – Known for her agility and speed, Bunny is a nimble fighter who can outmaneuver opponents with ease. Her quick reflexes and acrobatic skills make her a formidable adversary.
  • Freyna – A mystic warrior who harnesses the power of ancient magic. Freyna’s spells can devastate enemies and provide support to allies, adding a unique element to the team’s dynamics.

These characters, with their distinct abilities and roles, offer a wide range of strategic options for players, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience in The First Descendant.

What is the best First Descendant class?

Choosing the best class in The First Descendant depends on your playstyle and the role you prefer in the game. Here are some recommendations for different playstyles:

Ajax (Tank/Defender)

  • Strengths: Ajax excels in absorbing damage and protecting teammates, making him ideal for players who prefer a tank role. His defensive capabilities can turn the tide in challenging battles.
  • Playstyle: Defensive and team-oriented, focusing on shielding allies and controlling enemy aggression.

Bunny (Assassin)

  • Strengths: Bunny is perfect for players who enjoy fast-paced, high-damage gameplay. Her agility and quick attacks allow her to deal significant damage while evading enemy strikes.
  • Playstyle: Hit-and-run tactics, emphasizing speed and precision in combat.

Viessa (Crowd Control)

  • Strengths: Viessa’s ice-based abilities make her excellent at crowd control, freezing enemies and creating barriers. She’s great for players who like controlling the battlefield and supporting their team.
  • Playstyle: Strategic and supportive, focusing on immobilizing enemies and creating defensive structures.

Lepic (Explosives Expert)

  • Strengths: Lepic’s proficiency with explosives makes him a powerful damage dealer, especially against groups of enemies. Players who enjoy using area-of-effect attacks will find him appealing.
  • Playstyle: Aggressive and explosive, focusing on area damage and battlefield control.

Jayber (Support/Engineer)

  • Strengths: Jayber’s gadgets and turrets provide versatile support options, from healing to additional firepower. He’s ideal for players who like a supportive role with a technical edge.
  • Playstyle: Supportive and tactical, focusing on deploying gadgets and providing team assistance.

Freyna (Support/Damage Dealer)

  • Strengths: Freyna excels in both supporting her team and dealing damage, making her a flexible choice for various combat situations. Her healing abilities provide sustained support, and her crowd control can manage the battlefield.
  • Playstyle: Balanced role with both offensive and supportive capabilities. Strategic placement of abilities for crowd control and healing for sustained combat effectiveness.


The First Descendant PS5 Release Date on July 2, 2024, First Descendant is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the action RPG genre, with a diverse mix of science fiction and fantasy elements. With its numerous characters, strategic gameplay, and immersive setting, the game promises to be a fascinating experience for players on PS5, PC, and other online gaming platforms. Whether you enjoy violent fighting, cooperative missions, or exploring intricate locations, “The First Descendant” has something for everyone. As the release date approaches, the excitement grows, making this a widely anticipated product for players worldwide. Don’t miss out on securing your pre-order to receive amazing benefits and be among the first to embark on this exciting adventure.