Tier List Jungle Honor of Kings

Tier List Jungle Honor of KingsTier lists for junglers are very important in Honor of Kings since they determine the final score. These champions were bred to rule the neutral monster-populated jungle that lies between the lanes. The heroes of the jungle should farm these monsters, get buffs, and support their team via ganks and map control. In the highly competitive online game, the following is the tier list for Jungle Honor of Kings for July 2024.

HoK S Tier JunglersTier List Jungle Honor of Kings

Tier List Jungler Honor of Kings is very important. HoK A S Tier jungler stands out not only for their exceptional mechanical skills but also for their strategic acumen and adaptability in various in-game scenarios.


  • Jing is a powerhouse in the jungle, boasting exceptional mobility and burst damage. His ability to quickly clear camps and gank lanes makes him a top-tier pick. With skills that allow him to dive into the heart of enemy formations and eliminate key targets, Jing is a constant threat on the battlefield.


  • Luna excels with her high mobility and sustain, allowing her to weave in and out of fights effortlessly. Her ability to reset cooldowns makes her incredibly dangerous, as she can continuously deal damage and evade retaliation. Luna’s presence in the jungle often leads to her team having control over key objectives.


  • Pei is known for his strong initiation and crowd control abilities. His skill set allows him to engage and lock down multiple enemies, creating opportunities for his team to secure kills. Pei’s tankiness and disruption capabilities make him a reliable choice for players looking to dominate the jungle and control team fights.

The S rank Jungle tier list in “Honor of Kings” features heroes such as Jing, Luna, and Pei, who have consistently proven to be strong choices for Jungle players in previous seasons. Their unique abilities to clear camps quickly, control key objectives, and significantly impact team fights make them top picks for anyone looking to dominate from the jungle position.

HoK A Tier JunglerHoK A Tier Junglers

HoK A Tier junglers are distinguished by their strong gameplay mechanics, strategic insights, and consistent performance. These players exhibit a high level of proficiency in jungle management, from optimizing their farm routes to executing well-timed ganks and securing important objectives.


  • Yuhuan excels in quick jungle clears and surprise ganks. Her high mobility and burst damage make her a constant threat across the map.

Prince of Lanling

  • Known for strong early game presence, Prince of Lanling can apply significant pressure through efficient ganks and rapid jungle clearing.


  • Dun offers a balance of damage and crowd control, making him valuable in team fights and skirmishes throughout the game.


  • An assassin-style jungler, Butterfly can quickly eliminate key targets and potentially chain kills with her reset mechanics.


  • Lam provides strong engage potential and good sustainability, allowing him to initiate fights and survive prolonged engagements.


  • Skilled at dueling, Musashi can effectively control the jungle and pose a significant threat in one-on-one encounters.


  • Offers good mobility and crowd control, allowing for effective ganks and team fight disruption.


  • Known for tanky builds while still dealing significant damage, Ata can be a durable frontline presence in team fights.


  • Combines high mobility with strong burst damage, allowing for quick jungle clears and impactful ganks.

The A-rank Jungle tier in Honor of Kings features versatile heroes who excel in various aspects of the jungler role. Favorites like Kaizer, Prince of Lanling, and Lam stand out for their exceptional ganking abilities, efficient jungle clearing, and high mobility.

HoK B Tier JunglerHoK B Tier Junglers

HoK B Tier junglers are known for their commendable efforts and developing skills. While they may lack the polish and precision of higher-tier players, these junglers are characterized by their potential and eagerness to improve.

Li Bai

  • A skilled swordsman with high burst damage potential, Li Bai can clear jungle camps efficiently and execute quick ganks.


  • Fang offers a balance of damage and utility, with abilities that allow for good jungle clear and team fight presence.


  • Known for her stealth mechanics, Ying can surprise enemies with unexpected ganks and provide vision control for her team.


  • Cirrus excels in area control and sustained damage, making him effective in extended skirmishes and objective contests.

Dian Wei

  •  A tanky jungler, Dian Wei can initiate team fights and absorb damage while providing crowd control for his team.


  • With his trickster abilities, Wukong can confuse enemies and create opportunities for surprise attacks and escapes.

Cao Cao

  • Cao Cao brings strategic elements to jungle play, with abilities that can control the flow of team fights and provide support.


  • A versatile fighter, Zilong can adapt to various situations with his mix of damage and mobility.

The B-rank Jungle tier in “Honor of Kings” features heroes who are capable of performing well in the jungle role but may not be as consistently impactful as higher-tier picks.

HoK C Tier JunglerHoK C Tier Junglers

HoK C Tier junglers are players who are in the early stages of mastering their role. These players often struggle with consistency and decision-making, yet they possess a foundational understanding of jungle mechanics such as farming, ganking, and securing objectives. C-rank junglers typically face challenges in adapting to the fast-paced nature of the game and executing strategies under pressure.

Han Xin

  • A skilled warrior with decent mobility, Han Xin can perform adequately in the jungle but may struggle against more meta picks.

Liu Bei

  • Liu Bei offers some utility and damage, but his jungle clear speed and gank potential may be lower compared to higher-tier junglers.

Sima Yi

  • Known for strategic play, Sima Yi can contribute to team fights but may lack the burst damage or mobility of top-tier junglers.

Ukyo Tachibana

  • A samurai-style fighter who can perform in the jungle, but may not have the versatility or impact of more popular choices.


  • Offers tactical advantages but might struggle with rapid jungle clearing and early game pressure.

Sun Ce

  • A brawler-type hero who can jungle, but may not excel in all aspects of the role compared to higher-ranked options.


  • Can perform jungle duties but may lack the specialization that makes other junglers more effective.


  • Brings some crowd control and teamfight presence, but might not clear jungle camps or gank as efficiently as top-tier picks.


  • Offers unique playstyle options in the jungle but may struggle to compete with the clear strengths of higher-ranked junglers.

The C-rank Jungle tier in “Honor of Kings” features heroes who can function in the jungle role but generally lack key traits that make them less desirable picks compared to A or B-rank junglers.

HoK D Tier JunglerHoK D Tier Junglers

HoK D Tier junglers are often new to the role, navigating the complexities of jungle mechanics and team dynamics. These players are in the initial stages of understanding the fundamentals, such as optimal jungle paths, timing for ganks, and objective control. While they frequently encounter difficulties in maintaining consistency and making strategic decisions, their journey is a crucial learning phase.


  • While Charlotte has some damage potential, her jungle clear speed is slow, and her ganking abilities are limited compared to higher-tier junglers. She may struggle to maintain map presence and pressure.

Yang Jian

  • Yang Jian, typically better suited for other roles, can jungle but with significant drawbacks. His clear speed and early game impact in the jungle are suboptimal.


  • Wuyan’s kit is not ideally suited for jungling. She may have difficulty clearing camps efficiently and her ganking potential is limited, making her a less effective choice for this role.


  • While Arthur is a strong hero in other roles, his jungling capabilities are limited. He lacks the speed and tools that make for an effective jungler in the current meta.

The D-rank Jungle tier in Tier List Jungle Honor of Kings consists of heroes who are generally not well-suited for the jungle role. These characters typically face significant challenges when attempting to jungle effectively.

Jungle has high damage and is agile in movement, but its HP is low, and virtually all jugles rely heavily on forest monsters for gold to acquire the gear required to support their damage. The jungle is also extremely vulnerable to being targeted at the start of the game while farming. As a result, Jungle heroes are typically accompanied by Honor of Kings Roamer Tier List at the start of the game until they reach level 4, as jungle heroes rely largely on ultimate skills to defeat foes.

In summary

Tier List Jungler Honor of Kings is very important, Ultimately the mid lane and jungle roles in Honor of Kings demand an in-depth familiarity with the various hero tiers and their distinct skills. Any player serious about improving their game and moving up the rankings will find this detailed tier list to be an invaluable resource. Keep in mind that even though heroes from the S and A tiers tend to rule the meta, good players may still win with heroes from lower tiers if they play to their weaknesses. Keeping up with these tier lists is essential for staying ahead of the competition as the game changes with upgrades and balance.